How many lives were saved due to the Kindertransport?

Thanks to the Kindertransport 10,000 Jewish children were saved.  There are much amazing Survior Story, and their journey of the kindertrandport. Each individual that has been on the kindertransport, took the effect differently. Thanks to the all the supporter of the Kindertransport community, they made a differenece in the world. 

Dovercourt Bay,near Harwich

Survivor Story

Mr Landmann: He would be as old as Anne Frank in the Holocaust. He was put in a Kindertransport.  He lived with a Quaker lady. He was adventurous, not particularly frightened, but he was sorry that he had to be leaving his parents behind. Also he wasn't at that time particularly aware of what was going on.   He remains today in Northampton, where he left his family as a child.

Ursula: She was 15 during the holocaust. she was taken in cape town. She lived a normal life during the holocaust.  She became a nurse during the holocaust and left the foster family with her brother and sister to Southern Rhodesia and thence to South Africa.

Was the Kindertransport Successful?

The Kindertransport was successful.  The community of the Kindertransport, saved 10,000 Jewish children. Since the community want to save the Jewish children from harm of Hitler reign.  That many children that were saved is a successful.  For the Kindertransport may have not been able to save all the Jewish children, but did the best that could to protect them from Hitler reign.  Doing this in privacy, and knowing that they would be killed if they are supporting the Jew. The community stilled went on and protect the 10,000 Jewish Children.  The Kindertransport was a success in protecting the Jewish Children.