The KTA: Kindertransport Association

The KTA is a Non-profit organization that unites child holocaust refugees and their decendants.

The KTA shares their stories, honors those who made the Kindertransport possible, and supports charities that help children in need.

Kindertransport was the informal name for the rescue operation that save many children of multiple denominations including Jews.

Why was it created?

"First of all the work involved was extremely hard, and took most of my free evenings and weekends for a very long time. There were several obstacles and disappointments along the way, and of course there were costs as well. At the time, I knew no one who could share the work and expenses, but that was not going to stop me." ~Eddy Behrendt (president of the KTA 2000)

It was created to provide an opportunity for members to finally express their thoughts, memories, and feelings about the long suppressed holocaust, and to form new friendships, along with enhancing the relationship between the Kinder and their families.