What happened to the parents?

For many parents, the decision to send their kids along the journey that the Kindertransport offered was tough. However, many parents expected and hoped that they would once again see their children once the war was over and they were freed.

For many, this did not happen. Most Kindertransport parents were captured by Hitler and his army, and like many others, put in concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps to work until the war was over and they were liberated.

This picture shows three children who had to leave their mother behind due to their decision to take the Kindertransport.

This picture shows a mother and father who had to send their son to Britain.

With reality being reality, many of the parents who sent away their children died in the camps from gassings, or from being worked to death. If they would have kept their children, it is rare that they would of survived. Most parents of the Kindertransport never saw their children again.